mad at me

played cheerleader this morning for my sister who was competing in the swimming competition, ate one of the best tofu today, and had crabs for dinner. watched two Princess Diaries movies and felt better 😀 *sigh* no hard feelings. i love you friends, even when i act all bratty yesterday. i’m just mad at me and at my brain for not being capable to accommodate my intense desire to get, for once, a satisfying math and physics score. it’s all on me, and my lack of self appreciation.

i guess the concept is grasped, but the conduct is a little elusive. to put it into an anecdote, (and my friends will undoubtedly laugh at me for doing so), if physics and math tests are both missions, and we are the soldiers who are told to complete that mission, i would be the one to have completely understood the plan and memorized the maps, but i will also be the one who falls at every hole and booby traps. i’m that clumsy girl who can never think logically and guess that there will always be traps. and so i get a little frustrated (not a little, a lot) for being so so so stupid, and yes, sometimes i loose it, and get angry, and there you go. the monster me.

but i’m back on track, and you know that even though i practically cursed in my last post, i’m back to fighting 😀 because i can never get enough of the bruises and the cuts, ya know? i think i’m masochistic :/

anyways… i love you friends. always.

i’m just mad at myself. >.<


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