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i was in the middle of studying for my math test tomorrow when out of the blue, i decided to continue my #friendshipseries post. so here i am, pausing in the midst of studying, not even regulating my spam mails and comments–i’ve decided to edit the previous ones and to continue writing just for the sake of it. i never start anything without finishing… it became a habit.

the person that i’m going to blog about is a best buddy of mine who’s name i have mentioned in maybe tens of my post. his name is Kevin, and he is one of my oldest and dearest friends. not to mention, he’s always there when i need a ride, which really is all the time. i no longer have to ask him if i could hitch a ride and he would already assume that he’s going to drive me back home from wherever we were at that time. lol.

let me tell you something about Kevin. he is so unbelievably smart, unbelievably humble, unbelievable annoying (in a brotherly way), (very occasionally) unbelievably lazy, unbelievably kind, unbelievably conservative, and good looking. maybe i’m biased, but he’s not unbelievably good looking for me. just good looking. sorry kev.

that conservative word is sort of our inside joke. to put it in the bad way, we both were, and still are incredibly stingy. two cheapskates growing up together… you cannot find a scenario worse.

there’s a lot to tell about him… 15, almost 16 years worth of friendship… i literally know him even before i knew my own sisters. fyi, the school officially opened at 1995 and we were the first two students to enroll for that school in the year of 1996. we went through all the kiddy and teen ups and downs, and he’s there with me the whole time… to top that off, we’re going to be the first graduates of the school.

it is very very very common for people to think that we’re girlfriends and boyfriends. and even though we told… more likeinsisted that we’re not, people keep insisting that we are lying, and that yes, we’re indeed a couple… so more often than not, we just let them think that way. (persistent people -_-) i don’t get why people can’t understand the fact that our relationship is no more than that of a platonic one. he is one of the TWO boys that occupy my class. do you think the horde of girl friends that i have in that class would even allow me to have feelings for him? yea, answer that for yourself. he is of class property. something that we girls share (okay, it’s not that bad.. but you know what i mean)

i envy him. and that is an understatement. he is so so smart, and being someone who is not gifted in the math and logical department, i am so so jealous of him. that is the truth. but sometimes, i despise myself for being jealous of him just because he is so nice of a person. he thinks of others, and is really considerate and kind. even though he could really be annoying if he wants (and chooses) to, i’m so accustomed to his smartass-ness that at times, i don’t find myself affected by his antics. at all. 😀

keviiiinnn!!!!! *jumps and forces you to give me a piggy back ride* 

i have said everything that i need to say. there up there *points* it might still be a long time as i’m writing this when we are really still ogling with all of that college applications and SATs and ACTs and the dreaded governmental test *gaspeth* but even now, i could already know that you’re probably going to be one of the people that i’m going to miss the most. i’ve studied in the same school with you since i was two years old. you are in one of my earliest living memory, and i would never know how it will be to go to a school without you being in the same school as me. i’ll finally live up to my blog’s name and be that wallflower in the corner of the room. but i’m wishing all the best for you. i really have a strong hunch that you’ll be accepted to MIT. and even though everyone’s going ‘ooh~ Kevin’s thinking of MIT!’ and all of those things that will undoubtedly make you feel uncomfortable, i’m never surprised. everything comes with passion and luck, and if you don’t get in, it means that you’re just not lucky. because you have EVERY reasons to be accepted. which is why i never thought that MIT is too high of a target for you, because i know you can 😉 and i’m very sorry if i put you in a very tough situation when i yelled at you when PMS-ing. the only reason i dared to do that was because i know you’re never go A-crowd on me. *guilty* you’re that kind. always be the person that you are, kev. 

love always, 

your little ‘sister’


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