medieval dream

blog… if i am going to rant right now, i’ll be able to dedicate three posts to it, no joke. but blog, i know that you’re so very tired of listening to my rants, so i’m just going to talk about my dream. i’m not sure if it’s a nightmare, but it is a dream, and a very vivid one.

somehow, with reasons unknown, i sorta can save the dreams that i want to recall. so when i get up, i will stay still for a while, and remember the dream that i just ‘had’. i like to think of it as transferring the memory into the more conscious part of my brain. that’s how i get all that deja vu -s. it’s because i saved the dream right after i woke up. so okay, i dreamed about stabbing someone… and not just someone… a woman. and i remember her to be very beautiful, but very evil and powerful as well. what registered in my brain was that i lived in the medieval times, and i can decently use that dagger to protect myself.

it’s a weird dream. gory, and the dream is very much blood concentrated. definitely not my kind of dream, but i was so alert when i woke up, which was a plus side since i used to just wake up being half alive. it’s like my body is in maximum exposure to adrenaline rush.

then i realize this might be the influence of watching a trailer the other night. i just watched that trailer for the movie The Three Musketeers which starred Orlando Bloom, Logan Lerman, and… dun dun dunn!!! Matthew Macfadyen. *sigh* fangirling a married man… again >.< i can instantly recognize his voice when i first listened to the trailer. that ever so pleasant voice of his… 😀 idk why i’m talking so seriously about a dream. a dream that isn’t even… real *rolls eye*

anyways, i have to go now… lunch, and then i need to study for Bahasa and maybe do other work that i haven’t done. xoxo blog… see ya~


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