zodiac predictions

hey blog… i wake up rather zombie-ish to a crying Saturday. a rainy morning, unlike last Saturday where it was bright and sunny, and perfect for a piece of toast, eggs and cheese for breakfast. today, i had Shepherd’s pie, a cup of strong coffee and some chocolate (even though it is not at all relevant to a rainy morning). i’m not complaining though… it’s snuggly, and comfortable when it rains… *sigh* oh, but first of all, let me go ahead and write about my zodiac predictions.


Do s:

you really need a break time and hang out with some crazy friends! you have spent too much time helping others, so now it’s your time to pamper yourself. go to the spa, travel, and just gossip with your friends in a slumber party! guaranteed, it will freshen you up.

Don’t s:

your obsession towards ‘him’ is getting too big. don’t let this ‘boy thing’ take control of your whole life. if you cannot get him, do not fret. it’s his loss for wasting a girl as good as you are. it is time to set your eyes to a new ‘target’. yes!

okay, so my fashion magazine doesn’t ‘sectionize’ (that is not a word, mind you, but bear with me >< ) zodiac predictions into ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ unlike other magazines… but i guess that was pretty clear, and pretty accurate, i must say…

the thing is, i simply cannot party with my friends as of late. too much things to do, and so little time. the classic problem that has always been haunting me. i find myself thinking of homework as i’m drifting to sleep, thinking of the projects that i haven’t done when stuck in a traffic, and thinking of college applications when i shower. too much pressure everywhere, i get stomach ache often (which is no longer a surprise, considering the baby my stomach is) and half headaches. no canker sores now, and i hope none for a very long time.

but yes, the boy obsession is getting a little too out of hand. i find the memory of him lurking at the back of my head. it’s either thinking of studies or him. mostly the studies, Thank God (if you see it in my perspective) idk for sure, but i’m pretty sure that he already has a girlfriend, and i would be a witch if i plan on being the ‘third person’ in their relationship.

so here’s to a weekend full of work and studies… here’s to a period of constant worry and work drownings.

cheers to that.


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