ditching school and getting back to work.

hey babes… i ditched school today…

that being said, i wasn’t proud of it (as i know i’ll have a LOT of catching up to do) but, i won’t lie that it IS sort of refreshing. come to think of it, going to Jakarta at the middle of the weekday… awesomeness.

i… had fun. 😀 even though i ditched for educational purposes, i still had fun. the education fair started at 2 PM, but since my sister wanted a round with the counselors (which is confidential information mind you… she resort on not telling either mom or me) and so after that we went to Grand Indonesia to eat at Yoshinoya (a Japanese beef bowl restaurant that i have been dying to visit for so long) and cross to Plaza Senayan to eat in Bakerzin. and then we went to the Kartika Plaza hotel where the education fair was held and again, i had a cup of cappuccino and a slice of chocolate ganache cake. got a whole lot of information at the workshop prior to the fair, and met a lot of cute guys on the fair as well as collected the brochures that i have been pining for… so it was all good. perfect, even.

and now, what’s left to do is to work myself out, clean up, and dun dun dunnn!!! study. again. because at the end of the day, going to the education fair was all for THE reason. which is to go abroad. of which i couldn’t possibly be able to do without acing my SATs and my ACTs and my TOEFL. so that’s that.

let’s get back to work.


3 thoughts on “ditching school and getting back to work.

  1. Ditching in the middle of the day is fun! I have to say, I did that a lot last year just for the sake of it. So I had a lot of ‘sick’ days at school because I would write a note and just leave but then I realized that I was falling behind so I don’t do it anymore :] But yay! You skipped school for educational purposes! Have fun with studying and all that jazz! I have exams in a month so that’s what I’m trying to do right now :]

    1. major yay! skipping school for educational purposes 😉 the best reason!
      i often flashback to the days when i don’t want to go to school, even when i’m not sick..
      but nowadays, i cannot not go to school, you know? it’s like, i would love to ditch school, but then i would have to catch up with the tonnes of notes that i’ve missed,
      not to mention, the projects and the homework that i’m assigned to. i would still go to school now, even when i’m sick, and would not ditch if not for a really pressing matter.
      so Wednesday was really really refreshing 😀
      wait a minute, are you back already from your trip? how was it!!?

      1. Heck yes it’s the best reason :] I have those kind of flashbacks all the time, I actually have those moments all the time and I only have ten official days of school left until I can sign out for study leave :] But I’m like you, if I missed school right now I would be royally screwed haha.
        And yeah, I’m back from Aussie now and I’m royally screwed. Pretty much. I have so much homework and stuff to catch up on during the holidays but Australia was so amazing! I loved every second of it :]

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