“you have extraordinary talents… how can you expect to live an ordinary life?”

taking deep breaths… reciting the words: “worry does not benefit”, and resorts to writing, blog. i resort to you.

i’m back to school. with my usual Monday blues… a canker sore gone, and a canker sore forming again; stomach still a little unfriendly, but less bloated; head still, time to time, slightly dizzy; and i come to find that i’m tightly packed for the next three weeks, which is unpleasant.

so i guess this is it, blog. this is running on the treadmill, tiring myself, and getting my job done again. no more happy weekends as i shall work and study and i swear that it would be done.

boring life… but i swear that if i ever get into a good need blind university that offers an option of delaying matriculation, i would, without a doubt, enroll for a gap year, watch all the period dramas, movies, romantic comedies, theaters and whatnots and write, write, write. write about the things that i have done, about the things that i haven’t, about the things that inspires me. and i will read. i still have tonnes of books on my desk, in my drawers, on my shelf, in my bookcase that i haven’t read, and i will just do whatever it is that i want.

because that time will come when i will have the best of it. i just have to be patient… and do it.

this is just something to look forward to. something that i researched (guiltily) in all the minuscule spare times that i have when i get too bored i can die.

Little women. i literally pinched myself blue for not knowing this movie up until now. freakin’ Kirsten Dunst looked so small and the movie has Susan Sarandon and Claire Danes and Winona Ryder in it. fail fail fail.


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