“it’s not about the two most beautiful people in the room… it’s not about the two most stylish people in the room… it’s about magnetism.”

i wake up to a BEAUTIFUL saturday morning 😀

my stomach’s been friendlier, i had a blast at Astri’s birthday party the other night and immediately, the smell of toast with egg and cheese greeted me in mom’s bedroom. it was sunny and bright, and just… very warm.

and while eating my toast and egg and cheese with maple syrup and a cup of sweet tea, i resort to watching, again, my most favorite love story of all times, Pride and Prejudice.

i know you guys are so tired of me speaking about this book, this story, this movie, but i COULDN’T HELP IT! there’ll be loads more coming, trust me.

and instantly after i’m done watching that movie, i made up my mind that if given the chance, i would like to be an extra at a movie. not necessarily an actress (not if i can help it) because i’m positively terrible and super horrible at acting… but i want to be an extra just so that i could attend a (makeshift) ball, or masquerade, and wear pretty dresses… i want to feel what it’s like living in that era where everything is so reserved, and when women and men don’t actually shake hands with each other, and that one touch in that one dance can be so electrifying.

you know, i’ve been thinking about this a lot, but i haven’t came to actually write about it yet. reading Jane Austen’s biography, i know that she, and her sister Cassandra, didn’t exactly had the happy ending that they wanted. Cassandra’s fiancee died, and Jane didn’t get to marry the person that she loves, which made her come to the decision of not marrying at all… and also i’ve compared all of her books with ones from the Bronte sisters and state how Austen’s books were always that of a complete happy ending, not at all chipped at any sides… and i think she had been writing about the happy ending that she had always wanted. which was quite sad, but at the same time, very inspiring.

and so of course it was a happy ending! you can tell… in such a ridiculously romantic way, and i wouldn’t… i refused, for it to go any other way..

anyways, here is one of my favorite scenes from the whole movie. i love how it was all snarling and barking at the beginning but got so tender towards the end…. seriously, this is a must watch clip. a must watch. *sigh* i just love love stories…


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