half headaches

do you know what’s the most fearsome thing about going to the dentist?

it’s precisely that time when he’s checking your teeth, making sure that you don’t have any dental cavities.

i hate dental cavities. i don’t dislike them, i’m not annoyed by them… i hate them.

having had to endure that pain of knowing if i have ‘new’ dental cavities or not (thankfully not… i’ve been a gurgling junkie ever since my dentist said it helps preserve the teeth), and also having tonnes of work from school as well as my personal responsibilities, i cannot help but get a headache. a half headache at that. only the right side of my head hurts–which makes it odd, and even more disturbing.

what’s more is that i couldn’t exactly abandon my studies. i know this all seem like a daily thing to you readers.. me complaining about my boring routine… but this is how i am, blog. i can’t help it. maybe when i graduate from high school, i’ll be able to study what i want and be less boring. i’ll have my ears pierced, a tattoo, dye my hair, and paint my room. i’ll be writing books like a maniac and making money so that i can buy my mother all the bags that she’s ever wanted… maybe i’ll be that kind of girl. maybe.

but for now, i’m utterly exhausted. extremely extremely exhausted.


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