time and the speed of light.


current time log: 4:34 AM

i’m up doing the stuff that i’m supposed to do. learning the TOEFL, doing the homework that i haven’t done… all this done just because i want to go to the ‘dream university’.

for once, i’m having doubts. just a little–but still, doubts. i was comparing the university that i want to go now with the university that i used to want to go. i wanted to go to Japan… but for the reason that the school doesn’t have a linguistic major, i’ve decided to move on and find another university, landing me on my current goal.

idk blog… time goes so fast. like the speed of light. before you know it, morning turns to night and night turns to morning. no pauses in between, no rewinds offered. just… play, and maybe occasional fast forwards.

probably it’s just me having cold feet. because it’s natural for people to be like this, right? i just have to deal with it, and maybe regain footing again, somehow… because i want to have a good linguistic education, but i also want to go to Japan… and speak Japanese, eat Japanese food, do cultural weeks and stuff. i don’t want to have to miss the good parts 😦


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