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twitter and facebook. facebook and twitter. you know what blog? i’m actually pretty glad that gale’s LCD is broken.

i guess one of the very strong reason why people need facebook and twitter (and also the reason why they update their status so much) is because people have the common need to broadcast their emotions.

why? it can be for showing off, though for what i don’t understand… maybe some people have that unexplainable need of telling other people that they’re tired… but for me, it’s like getting rid of poison.

i was struggling. really. i was in a constant battle of getting up from my chair and tweet all of the curse words that are compiled in my day to day vocab. (mind you, i don’t have much… and idk if that’s a good thing or a bad thing)

i was studying TOEFL and was so frustrated with the speaking section and how examples of the talks are just impossible to plan in 15 seconds!

and somehow you need other people to know that your struggling. it’s like: feel my pain. you know? even though you completely understand that it’s unnecessary for other people to know that you’re heartbroken, or that you fail in a test, or even like me, incoherently frustrated with life and the awesomeness of TOEFL examples, you broadcast it anyway.

*sigh* so i guess all of these tests are good in a way, right? good for me. good for my body. good for my self control… there’s a line in that TOEFL book that my good good friend Kevin lent to me that said:

how do you spend time? clearly, a certain amount of your time should be spent sleeping or relaxing. that is important to good health. however, you should think about how much time you spend worrying or procrastinating. that is not a healthy way to spend time. successful students have a schedule that helps them manage their time. 

well, that is NOT very helpful. because despite everything, you always go back to twitter and/ or facebook to update your status of being ‘depressed’ or simply to say ‘omg i’m so tired’. because that helps… admittedly, not in a very effective way, but that helps to get rid of your jitters. however, that sentence does bring some sort of fresh air for a geeky student like me (i’m finally accepting that particular fact) and yea, i hope i benefit from it.

i’m not sure of my stance with my dear friends, facebook and twitter. i guess it’s a love-hate relationship from now on. it helps me, but at the same time, it restrains me (?) idk. let’s just hope that i’ll manage this twisted intoxicated… thing… that is slowly squeezing my insides out.


6 thoughts on “twitter & facebook

  1. I agree with you about why people update their status so much, a lot of it is just telling people what they’re doing or what they did the night before..the normal stuff. Some people I know only have facebook to keep up to date with people from other countries and they don’t post a status every two seconds like some people I know ;] I have a facebook account but quite frankly, I can’t be bothered writing a status, I don’t think I have all year haha. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with facebook as well, but for me it’s because I’m semi-addicted to it. I like finding out what everyone’s been doing but I don’t like everyone knowing my business which is why I don’t post any status about what I’ve been doing…Yet I freely talk about it on my blog so it’s kind of messed up. Oh well, like I said, love-hate relationship :]

    1. lol!! that’s exactly like what i do! it’s like you want to stalk people, but don’t want them to stalk you 😀
      i have a facebook account as well, but apart from things that i want to say, that i deem is important enough to write as a status, i don’t update much :/
      so yes, it’s a love-hate relationship 😀 but i still update on my blog. lol.
      i think i love the blog more than i love my facebook haha~

      1. I love stalking people on facebook! There’s always some kind of drama going on :] But I don’t like it when people stalk me, on the odd occasion I get people liking photos that I added like two months ago..That kinda creeps me out because they have to go through ALL of my photos to get to ones that are that old haha.
        I only write things that I think are really important or if I can be bothered, which is pretty much never. Nothing important happens in my life and if it does then I’d rather just txt my friends rather than tell the hundreds of ‘friends’ I have on facebook haha.
        I honestly think I love my blog more than my facebook too, but I think it’s just because I can write whatever I want on here and I know that my friends will [probably] never, ever find it unless I specifically tell them to look it up. Haha. I have a love-hate relationship with everything though. Like at the moment I’m having a writers block about what to write on my blog, hopefully that’ll vanish soon cause I’m going on vacation so I should have heaps of things to write about when I get back :’]

      2. lol… i find it rather annoying as well when other people stalks my blog. (except for my crush ofc >< ) *guilty* xD
        and i can agree with you that writer's block is the WORST!!! take care dear… that needs strong courage to face. like literally.
        you'll give up really really soon if you don't have the courage to continue writing..
        i'm VERY VERY keen to see your writing once you get back. ^^

  2. I stalk your blog ;]
    But I’m still having major writers block, my last post completely sucked in my opinion haha. I wasn’t even going to post it but I realized it had been a week and I HAD to post something otherwise I probably never would ever again. But I’ll keep trying to get my inspirtation back :’]

    1. dear~ i’m really really sorry for not replying earlier.
      i have a lot of things going on right now and in the midst of everything going on,
      i might forget to comment when i actually write a post. or when i rant >.< lol
      how're things going?
      naww~ i saw your recent posts… i hope you're not still trapped in writer's block.


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