military boot camp

see this trophy? i actually won a ‘best achievement’ ‘degree’ along with some other friends. and up until now, i didn’t even know what it is really that i did achieve.

a lot of things have happened since i last blog to you, blog. love life, friendship, not to mention life’s hardships as well… lots of things to blog about. but what i’m going to specifically tell you guys now is about the camp that i joined yesterday, and the most of today.

did i told you that i went on a camping trip? i guess not. it’s sort of like the series to this James Gwee Champion Teen camps… the camp’s theme was to never give up.

it was only one day of camping. ONE DAY. one effective day of sleeping outdoors in the tent. seems like a bearable thing, isn’t it? but it physically and emotionally drained me and i felt like a piece of cloth wrung to absolute dryness. so it was only one day, and maybe 3/4 of today but i got close to 5 ugly, big bruises on my leg area, split a single ceramic tile floor into two clean cut horizontal halves with a single light bulb, stepped on the remnants of that light bulb and bled the surface of my left foot, as well as having a considerably big grasshopper on the knuckles of my fingers when doing push ups and not minding even one bit.

(that disgusting round green thing is that big bruise that i’m talking about. i may be clumsy, but i never got something as big as that before >< taken my clumsiness to a whole new different level)

on the first day, i did lots of fun outbound activities. i’m naturally attracted to those things, so that wasn’t much of a problem. but i was supposed to attend my friend Edeline’s 17th birthday when i had to go to camp and i was devastated. like seriously. i know i’ll learn a lot from this camp but i feel like i’ll be missing on a lot too. so when my other friends might just be eating dinner, dancing to cool music and chatting, i was constructing my tent so that i could have a place to sleep yesterday night. had a bonfire session, and didn’t sleep until two in the morning for the obsession of playing cards with a couple of my camp friends like  a bunch of nerds.

that was all fine. until~ i had to wake up at 4, which was just 2 hours after i finally get to sleep, and walk to a place far far far away to see the waterfall. and not just that, the trip to the waterfall would be immensely quicker if we don’t have activities along the way, but of course, we do have activities along the way. and tonnes of punishments if we’re not able to complete our mission. *sigh* i’m not blaming her, but i had to group with the youngest of the camp member and she was only seven. it took me a lot of patience and a lot of compassion to stick up with her and to always be patient. because do you know what the punishment is if you fail to do a mission once? 5 times push ups. and she did not just one mistake, but a couple of them. i understand the fact that she was still just a little girl ( and a sweet one at that) and having Raissa as a sister, i sort of can connect to her not being able to control her motoric skills just as agile as most teens can. but still, i swear i did like about 80 push ups just for today and i did it in the middle of the paddy field at noon.

so naturally, my skin are all red and itchy, and having to do it on the paddy field, i had to cope with all the insects that bugged me when i’m doing my task. and then we walk and walk and walk and get wet, and sometimes even gross ourselves up with some mud… until we reach the waterfall at which i stared at sarcastically for a good 10 minutes or so. after all of the hardships that i’ve been through, i was ready to cry. and i expected something like the Niagara waiting for me at the other end when all i saw was a midget of a waterfall.

but having done a lot and suffered so much i was practically DETERMINED to wade myself through the cold, rocky planes just so that i could stand right underneath the waterfall. and i did. and it felt amazing.

because i secretly knew that they intend to make it harder for us. the hard-est even. i thought i was in like this military camp where all i have to do is do push ups and bending every minute now and then. and knowing the challenge at hand, i didn’t want to fail. i didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of looking at me giving up and that was the drive. even before James Gwee had said it in his final speech, i already knew that a person would only truly reflect his personality when he’s emotionally and physically tired. and if i let myself give up, i would’ve failed myself. because i know that i’m not a bad person, so i should be able to work under pressure and just believe that everything doesn’t last forever, even for the hardships.

so that’s that. right after going home from camp, i attended another birthday party event…. my best friend Ivana is having her seventeenth birthday today (happy birthday sweetest) and i had fun. had a hearty dinner and the delicious slice of opera cake at the end and my hunger was satiated.

so now, after blogging, i’m going to head to bed, sleep my exhaustion off (though i doubt it would be enough) and blog again tomorrow 😀



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