Hey blog… Hey world.

I didn’t blog yesterday, did I? Of course not… Not that I remember.

Anyway, I didn’t blog yesterday because I had some extra chinese lessons… 作天我和我的朋友, Kevin, 練習講中文跟我們的外國老師… 😀

Now isn’t that cool? The only way I can write in chinese characters is if I use gale to blog. So you know that if I’m using those chinese characters, I’m blogging through gale.

Anyhow, I’m actually just thinking… Just thinking how this world is pretty much f*cked up. I know… I’m late, right? But what makes this world all topsy turvy is not the world itself, but the people that make up the world.

I was never a bitter person. I may not know myself really well, but THAT I know. Now I’m bitter. I’m sarcastic, and don’t get me wrong… There’s nothing wrong with sarcasm. But I want to start being grateful properly again. Like how I used to.

Because regardless of the fact that this world is not how it used to be… (Like how my great grams had seen it), I want to see this world in a different eye.

Like a child that will never gain confidence, or a teenage girl who will always be insecure without support, the world will never heal without the help of the people who lives inside it.

Let’s all be a little bit more positive about everything. I may not know where that will lead me, or us to… But it’s, at the very least, worth the try. 😀

Until next time blog.

Much love…. – me


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