that’s why it’s called a crush, is it? because you like them even though you might or don’t even know if they like you back or not. because it will ‘crush’ your heart if they don’t.

but i have never had the courage to say those words. because people by now should know that it’s not the knowledge that kills. it’s the confirmation.

and this is what i should have done. but cannot do. yet. not yet. maybe later, but not now.

isn’t this what everybody say? but i couldn’t. maybe it’s a lack of self respect which is so not cool, but i swear it’s not because of the thrill of it. i hope for you. even when you’re out of bounds.

but hey… i’d said this once, and i shall say it again. we are all fools in love.

so relax… and have a cupcake 😀


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