*flops* *gets back up* *flops again*

hey people! i’m back… *sigh* and i’m so very tired.

i cannot deny this. didn’t get enough sleep, in the verge of having flu, school work not done, SATs to study for, story not done, and i just did the house chores which made me even worse. i couldn’t seem to get my priorities straight either which sucks so so so badly!!

cooked, washed the clothes, hung them, and now, i still need to hang the second batch of washed clothes.

honestly blog, the only thing i want to do now is sleep. for real for real. sleep and just sleep and sleep until i feel all better, but i know i can’t.

i already feel like i’m running out of time as it is, and i wouldn’t want to waste it on sleeping. thankfully, there wasn’t much traffic on the road 😀 and dad drove like a madman, so we managed Bandung – Bogor in just 2 hours. he’s driving #likeaboss 😀

anyways, will post pictures once i’ve uploaded them on a site somewhere. for now, i shall finish off all the work that is still haunting me. *sigh*

wish me luck blog. *drags self away*


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