the dad and daughter day :)

it’s not everyday that i see my dad smiled like he did today.

i told him about the competition, and how i’ve won the scholarship. at first, he kept his composure just like how he always have… but then he smiled so widely it was contagious. i’m happy dad for having made you happy 🙂 it’s good to know that i’ve, at least once, made you proud of me. i shall work harder. i’ll show you that your little girl has grown up into a responsible young lady.

today’s basically a dad and daughter day for me. i had my driving practice just this afternoon… that didn’t go as smoothly as planned xD but aside from the time that i panicked and let go of the steering wheel, resulting to my dad half-barking at me, everything was well ^^

i’m serious about working harder. this blog in itself is my dream factory. the place where i realize my dreams one by one. i shall see this through. i shall.


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