happiness in a box :)

good morning blog 🙂 nice day today! a bit chilly for me, but i can manage.

having my Bahasa lesson atm, a bit boring tbh, but we’re actually discussing things for my government exams, so it’s pretty important.

*sigh* you know what blog? i just had breakfast, but i’m already starving again and i found this really cute bento set in the internet. my mom has never made me this kind of bento… and probably will never. i will not have the heart to eat this kind of bento anyway… it looks so picturesque i’ll just save it until everything goes bad >.< which is maybe why my mom never made me bentos in the first place xD

but i’m determined to at least make one of these in my lifetime. probably when i’m already a housewife. or probably when i’m already too old to do anything else but make bentos. 😀

until then blog~ xoxo


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