do you know that day where you feel like hating everyone?

i know that hate is such a strong word. but idk. maybe it’s the hormones, you know, that monthly thing (biweekly in my case)

everyone seems to be getting on my nerves, and i just hate myself for hating people who shouldn’t be hated.

so i just decided to blog about it to you.

no, i’m not feeling particularly well. i’m not feeling good at all. i want to go home, and just, go under my covers.

i might not cry, and i might not sleep either. i think i’ll just be there, under my blankets, a place where i feel the safest.

no, and don’t you dare judge me. because i do hide a lot of things, and that’s just because idk anyone who can appreciate my problems.

there are times when i just want to be seen as myself. and not by my hair, or by my doing-homework habits. it even comes to the point where the word ‘diligence’ is a mock to me. they make it sound so bad when it’s not. what’s so wrong about doing your homework? what’s wrong about me not procrastinating all the time?

because none of that is my fault. none of that is my fault.


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