being lazy

Hi blog. *sigh*

I’m procrastinating again. My house had a blackout just recently, but now that the light’s back on, I’m too lazy to go to the other room and turn on my lap top since I’m still sleeping with mom. Lol… Have I told you that?

Anyways, I actually have a lot to do. So I think it’s home tomorrow for me. Probably go to church for a little bit. But I will be jailed in front of my lap top until I finish doing all my work. Forum work… Real life work….

Oh, and my website is turning out beautifully!!!!! 🙂 it’s called vintage lace.. You know why 😉 too bad I cannot link it here yet since it’s still in my hard disk. Thinking of actually uploading it somewhere…. Maybe someday.

For now, I’m just lying on my sleeping mat (sleeping on the floor at mom’s room) and just lazing here with a book and my phone. Had a good day…somewhat a rocky morning, but that’s just abt it.

Until then blog 🙂 ily.


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