confidence is half the battle

have you ever feel like you know something, but still need reassurances anyway? i’m a person like that. i’m made of theories. theories that i made myself, that other people has inserted into me, something that i’m sure of, but at the other hand, couldn’t confirm yet. and i just had that moment where i met my revelation. that 5 minutes where i stopped doing whatever it was that i’m doing just because i just got one of my theories confirmed.

i was reading a book… sort of like a how-to-get-a-job-and-be-successful book. something that people might not expect me to read, and frankly, i wouldn’t either. i just found this book rotting at the back of the bookcase. bought it in the first place just because it was on sale 😀

anyway, there was a paragraph that sounds like this:

Confidence Is Half the Battle

Actually, it’s more than half the battle; in some cases, it’s the entire war. if you don’t think you can do something well, you will struggle with it forever. confidence –knowing how to do something and knowing you do it well–puts you in control and eliminates fear. 

students’ beliefs about their capabilities to success fully perform academic tasks…powerfully influence how they perform in academic endeavors. because people behave in accordance with what they believe, rather than in accordance with their actual capabilities, it is individual beliefs about their capabilities, rather than their actual capabilities, that accurately predict performance attainments… [lack of confidence explains] why capable students often perform at levels before their capabilities. without believing they are capable of influencing outcomes that affect their lives, individuals have little incentive to act.

and that says it all. i need to find my confidence. i need to. it’s the one thing in my life that i’m greatly lacking of.



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