babe :8)

i know it might sound lame to just say ‘babe’ when you see a picture of a really really cute piglet… but..

AWW!! IT’S BABE!! 😀 

isn’t he just cute? anyway, that’s for starters. just something to cheer me up. it’s thirty minutes past ten and i haven’t done my homework. just a few tidbits on math and physics which was still okay, considering that i was already flooded at this period of time last year when i was in grade 11.

i was spending my time looking up grace kelly pictures and just basically pictures of lace, and antique coffee pots for my website. it’s actually a part of the module for my computing lessons, but it turns out that i enjoyed the course more than i thought i would. it’s totally unexpected since i’m mostly the tech dumb who frankly doesn’t really care about all those making websites crap. but i’m... what’s the word? intrigued.

so here i am…. still doing my website while also searching for universities in Japan and Australia. i think i’ve made up my mind to just narrow my choices to there. maybe one uni in the United States, but it’s so damn expensive there. at least i have a prospect of getting a scholarship in Australia or Japan but America… downright impossible.

so that’s that. i’ll talk to you again when i’m done with my job and when i’ve finally stopped my procrastination 😉

hugs and kisses.



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