30. 07. 11

hey blog!! i’m so very happy. i feel happy 😀

so i know that my birthday is 4 days ago, but i just had it celebrated yesterday. and it was awesome!

and of course, it’s all thanks to my super awesome epic friends who i cannot get enough of.

i swear. it doesn’t matter that i’m sort of the ‘plankton at the class’s food web’, i’m grateful for you all. you’re all the best, you’re all the greatest… i can talk (or type) for hours trying to sum everything up.

what is there not to like? i got a lace dress (that fits me), a pair of lace heels (that again fits me… my friends are that awesome they know my size), a teddy bear, a clutch,  a strawberry bath collection set, Paulo Coelho’s Pilgrimage and By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept. all i need is Brida and The Alchemist and i’m good to go 🙂

but i have to be honest though and say that i prefer attending parties rather than holding them. lol. because you’ll always have this fear that everyone will not eat enough, that your party wouldn’t be successful.. such and such. things that are small and ridiculous but very bothering prior to the party. but i was so happy it went well. my friends sang me a birthday song in like 4 languages. isn’t THAT just classy? (and a bit braggy imo lol) but i enjoyed it. enjoyed it very much in fact.

pictures will come soon. i still need to upload them all to a site before i can attach the individual URLs here. but i’ll definitely upload it. wait up, k blog? 😉


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