hey blog… do you know what day it is today?

it is the third day of school… and yes, it is the day where everything gets a little more serious.

it basically is a normal Wednesday, despite the fact that it’s the 27th of July and that i turn 17 today.

honestly…. it didn’t feel like it’s anything important. i’m 17… so what? if it weren’t for my friends, my family, and people (strangers) on facebook wishing me a happy birthday, it would just be like any other day. they are what makes my birthday worthwhile. and i’m so happy now blog. 😀 i am. i am sooo happy.

my friends were like silent throughout the day. they didn’t actually wish me a happy birthday or anything… and ofc having been in that class for practically my whole life, i know that they’re onto something. but i just stayed silent. and when it was time to go home, they sang ‘happy birthday’ for me. despite having a strong inkling that they would do something, i’m still surprised and flattered. thank you soul sisters and my two very handsome soul brothers haha. you guys are the awesome-st. people are under the impression that i stayed in that school just out of loyalty… know that if it weren’t for you guys, i would’ve been long gone. i’m extremely blessed. you guys are the epic-est, most awesome friends that i will ever have.

but sadly, there are no pictures. haha… i’m holding a birthday party this Saturday. i guess we’ll just have to get those pictures from there. 😀

p.s. we finished the tree. i mean, decorating the tree in our classroom. i’m so going to take pictures tomorrow and post them on here when we’re thoroughly done 🙂 


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