second day

hi blog… second day *sigh*

i guess i’m really getting in touch with the real world again, now that it’s the second day.

because even in today’s religion session, the teachers said that we are going to have a tough year ahead of us and that we should ready ourselves with all the assignments, projects and tests. idk what that has got to do with religion, but they’re right nonetheless. and what’s more is that they (these religion teachers) have decided to give us written assignments as well! how great can that be? :/

the teachers are all like: “hey, no pressure, but you guys are the eldest in school now. as twelve graders you are the school’s role models and it is your job to set examples to the younger kids. and not to mention you’ll be the first graduates of this school, so we would like to see you set the bar high.”

but yea… no pressure.

seriously. i cannot avoid to be stressed now. i shall relax and chill until it is the right time to get stressed, then i’ll get really stressed. for now, i’ll just make sure i submit all of my articles for the forum and probably write a little? idk. maybe… or maybe i’ll write another post 😀 we’ll see…


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