hey you….

this is for you who will spend the rest of your life with me. you might be a friend of mine already, or still be a complete stranger oblivious to the fact that i’m actually writing this post now, trying to make the most out of my boredom.

so here goes. can you see both of these typographies?



okay, to be honest, i prefer the latter. but what do they have in common? both of them told me to… and underline this…. to not regret anything. know that with me, that is easier said than done. i almost always regret my mistakes. i’m in a way, carefree and easygoing but i’ve been living my life behind rules… basically, know that i’m a walking contradiction :s i hope you can tolerate me who always worries too much, or sometimes, worry too little–which again, leads me into regretting that i thought too little about it.


but there is this one moment that i don’t regret when i went completely nuts and jumped in a trolley, like that picture up there. i wish i had a picture of it, but unfortunately i don’t. :/ i just hope that you’ll not be too embarrassed with me when times like that happen, especially when i’m having a sugar rush, which is quite often if i might say. 😀 my best friend had to wheel me around in the supermarket just because i refuse to get out of the trolley. lol. oh, and please don’t be jealous of my best friend (yes, he’s a he. ) we’ve been together since i was two, i assure you that it’s a super pletonic relationship. 😉


but despite all the troubles that i will put you through, i will always reach out for you. even when the going gets rough. even when it gets too impossible to reach. i will try and fail, and try again. i know for the fact that i don’t get too bored with people easily. i’m not going to get bored of you. ever. and i hope you’ll feel the same way about me too.


and i understand that on the way, we might get a little more doubtful. that the road might not be as smooth as we want it to be, but let’s hold hands and bear it together. because i will hurt. but i know that you’ll be hurting too. so let’s not blame each other… we will just end up hurting each other more.


 because if you’re the right decision for me, then i will always follow you. i am a girl. but i’m not a helpless one, and i don’t need you to treat me like i’m a glass doll. i’ll be there in your darkest moments, basically when you feel the shittiest. i’ll love you for who you truly are. so when you’re sad, cry. when you’re angry, or frustrated, be mad. i’ll be there to hold your cheeks and say that everything is going to be okay.


and no, it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy…

secret #1: i’m crazy over chocolate. the darker the better.


secret #2: i’m a sucker for daisies. i think they are the friendliest flower.


i don’t need candlelight dinners, or moonlight serenades… even when you reply my text message, it makes me happy to know that you’ll always have time for me even though you’re busy.


i just need you to support me. it helps me to feel better when you’re always there, ready to catch me when i fall, both hypothetically and literally.



i am just a girl and i’m scared of a lot of things. maybe, even some things that you think is just very unworthy to be feared. but however insignificant these problems are, it affects me. and i cannot lie here and say that sometimes, it affects me GREATLY. like this big. *stretches arm* probably even bigger. you don’t have to act like you understand, just show me that you care. that’s enough. that’s more than enough.


so let’s just dance, shall we? and no matter how much trouble and pain and problems that life throw at us, we’re going to be together and fight together. even when you’re not strong enough for the both of us, i swear i’ll fight and defend.


oh, and one more thing. it would be nice, no… scratch that…. a blessing if you can promise me to be different. but i’d rather you not promise anything, if you’re not sure that you can fulfill it. i’ve said this a thousand time, and i’ll say it again. rules are made to be broken. NOT promises. just show me that you’re different, and i’ll be the luckiest girl in this entire universe.

i’m crazy with fairy-tales, but i don’t care if our story isn’t like one. because we’ll make our own mistakes and our happy memories. it’s knowing that you’ll be there to kiss my forehead and let me snuggle into your hug that makes me strong. i just need your comfort. that’s all.

like a line in The Notebook says: “Despite their differences, they had one important thing in common. They were crazy about each other.”

it doesn’t matter that you come from Mars and i come from Venus. so to speak. because…


and that says it all. 


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