i’d rather hurt just a little too much :’)

blooogg!!! *glomps* okay, so i wasn’t feeling that well yesterday, but i feel better now 🙂

have i told you that i went on like a movie date with mom just… two days ago? we watched Something Borrowed. a romantic comedy–like mother like daughter. we love romantic comedies!! 😀 anyways, i instantly fell in love with the movie’s theme song and immediately google-d the song once i get home and the song is called ‘A Little Too Much’ by Natasha Bedingfield. it helped me get through most of my troubles… and mostly, my assumptions.

so i may be idealistic. maybe i’m imagining too much. but that’s me, and i deal with it. i don’t think i should change myself for people who think i’m not realistic enough. but know this, i’m a real girl, and i’ve been through fear. a lot of those. so don’t judge me before you know me. i know how it feels like to step into a room and think that everyone inside that room have ulterior motives. i know how it feels to have an ever growing feeling of deep care and sacrifice for a boy who, with time, loses interest in me. and so i’ve been through those times where i’m scared of relationships. but i’m not going to go through that anymore, i have enough. when you shut yourself from the rest of the world, you gradually feel inhuman–because you’re oblivious to the knowledge of what is painful and what isn’t.

and know that (what i assume to be) unrequited love is not a sin… it’s just painful. and i know deep down that at some point i would have to move on or risk missing things / memories that might be more valuable for me.

everybody hurts just a little too much

everybody hurts but it’s never enough

it’s wonderful to fall… let’s love and risk it all

i’d rather love just a little too much. 

i really think that falling in love is a beautiful thing. and that is exactly what i’d do. regardless of whether or not the feeling is mutual, i shall be in love and hurt until i feel that i have enough. and then i would move on with life and just… be happy. 😀

until then blog. ttyl.


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