James Gwee’s Teen Spirit of Excellence

i know that what i did, which was going AWOL on all of you for days, is unacceptable. *arm myself with pillows*

but i went to like this camp where we attend like sessions where they lecture us on 6 core modules. they were positive thinking, gratefulness, caring, respect, responsibility & courage. to be honest, i don’t think that this seminar affected me greatly as it probably does my sister because i somehow have gotten this through my own experience in living my life. it felt like a summary, just a short theoretical conclusion of what i already knew. the time that i learnt the most was when they were explaining about our parents. more of the parental perspective of life and what they think about us. that, i think is when i learn the most.

other than that, the games are awesome! i made new friends… plus, it’s very cold there >< or maybe it’s just me because i feel cold all the time. lol!

on the last day, we were told to make a mind map. so determined to win, (and i’ve always had a strong sense of competition) i nearly skipped lunch just to make this. and it won!!!! so proud of it 😀

anyways, that’s just about it. oh, and did i mention that the traffic was HORRENDOUS?! seriously… it took 5 hours to get home… a ridiculously loong time! at some point, it felt like i’m standing in the middle of a mass car parking space. ><

so that’s just about it 😉 now that i’m back and moving, i shall blog more ofc. this is a promise i’m making not just to you blog, but to myself. so don’t fuss about it. i’ll be here almost everyday now.



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