when in taiwan #4

So I’m keeping this post short and simple since it’s a quarter to two AM Taiwan time and frankly, I’m tired. But I’m blogging just because I feel like I have to lol! 🙂 I want to blog abt this day since today is such a wonderful day and I wouldn’t want to forget abt it without blogging.

We went to the zoo today… Haven’t I told you that the zoo is somekind of a must-go destination for me? It isn’t necessarily my most favorite place….It still rank second among the ramen shops and night markets as well as festivals and circuses, but I just can’t go to a foreign country without visiting its zoo…I just have to. So it’s a good thing that lao she towed us all to the Taipei zoo….but…it rained. And I didn’t get to buy the panda snuggly hat that I wanted…which was a shame…but ofc,I can live without it, so it wasn’t much of a problem.

So the reason why it rained was that because a typhoon is nearing Taiwan…and there might be a possibility that the night market and dan shui trip will be cancelled. Crap- I hope the typhoon is coming nowhere near me and my party -_- I’m really looking forward to the night market….. 😦

*sigh* I’m now sleepy…but I swear I wasn’t 10-15 mins ago. This is what’s bugging going w/ someone who’s younger than you…you feel the need to sleep last and wake up the earliest. Well, for me anyway…I just cannot sleep without thinking that I’ve done everything that I’m supposed to be doing, and that’s why I’m still awake up until now…..

So it took me 11 mins to blog and now it’s shi yi dian wu shi liu fen zhong (meaning: 11.54) and I really need to get to sleep. We’re going to do our laundry tomorrow and then go to the science center so it’s going to be a pretty long day tomorrow….

Until then…. wan an


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