when in taiwan #3

Okay, so my first statement might be something of less importance but I’m going to say it anyway.

how can taiwan girls be so damn skinny when there practically good food in every nook and crane here?

Seriously, it’s getting ridiculous. I mean,it’s stereotypical for asians (as well as myself) to want to have super skinny bodies (well not toooo skinny)…but I swear almost 75% of the girls I met in MRT stations, hospitals, schools, streets, department stores,….are all skinny! I don’t understand it. I simply DO NOT understand. The reasonings as to this rather small but significant matter escapes me.

Anyway, I’m now blogging with my roommates already miles away in dream land. Took a shower when they slept alrd and still haven’t sleep until now. Roommates are all smaller than me, have I told you that? Two are only entering junior year of middle school and even one of them which also happens to be my cousin (-_-) is only going to enter sophomore year of middle school. So this is the situation of a to-be senior year high schooler who has to take care of her ‘sisters’. Seriously…I mean,they’re more mature than their age and I certainly am more childish than what I’m supposed to be, but still…I feel like I have to take care of them. As if they’re my responsibility, all the more that my cousin’s here.

And I just found out that my adapter is either broken, or is faulty or cannot just function properly. if the adapter happens to be (in reality) broken, I will certainly march up to that grocery store and talk the man through until my mouth has no moisture left. It was quite a pricy adapter and to know that I can’t use it anyway……. *wrings salesman*

*sigh* today was fun though….tiring but fun. As always. Apart from lao she, I’m the only one who get to get 2 fishes 😉 sooo happy!!! I know that it really is just luck…maybe it was the abundant amount of shui jiao that I ate which was believed to bring luck that I get to catch 2 fishes…but still, I’m happy 🙂 going to go to the zoo tomorrow!!! Woo hoo!- super excited! The zoo is most definitely one of my favorite destinations, aside from local night markets and ramen shops 😀

I should probably be going right now….should sleep cos I’m actually going to have to wake up approx. 5 hours from now…. Until tomorrow blog ❤

wan an !!


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