that awkward moment when you read self esteem quotes and still feel insecure.

okay, so you know how the trend now is to post up encouraging quotes on blogs, and tweet encouraging tweets. i come across a few of these just recently and being a girl who is trying to increase her self esteem, i really appreciate how people attempt to help other people to gain their confidence. several picture quotes or typographies are sometimes very inspiring, they give me something to think about.

but you know how at certain moments you just don’t believe what other people say. despite knowing that there’s nothing perfect in this world, your stubborn head does not accept that. it’s not really a phobia with imperfection, it’s the want to be as perfect as you can be, ending up not perfect at all. i’m not blaming people who are already too kind in making these quotes, or this typographies, or this picture-quotes, i’m blaming myself. how i can drench myself in my stupidity, thinking that human can even be close to perfect? but i cannot help it. it’s human to want. it’s human to be greedy. whether or not i dislike that fact, i will always act as humans do.

so i will make this a part of my 2012 New Year’s resolution. we’re halfway 2011 already blog… where did time go?

anyways, i want to believe that we are beautiful. that i am beautiful. i want to believe that i am beautiful in my own way, because God makes no mistakes. 

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