a tough gum to chew.

okay, so this is my last post for today… it’s not something very important, really… i just think about blogging about it.

i may be a girl of insecurity, and yes, a LOT of people know that and have taken advantage of that particular weakness of mine. a tip for all you girls and boys out there who acknowledges that they have self esteem: do NOT show your insecurities to other people if you don’t really trust them. they might just use your low self confidence against you. and it’s NEVER good.

nevertheless, taking all the insecurity issue aside, i’m still a tough gum to chew. i guess there are lots of types of insecurities. i often find it hard to say ‘no’ to the people whom i know previously, but if someone is to act like they’re ‘bad-ass’ in front of me, i most definitely will not tolerate it.

it’s pretty much a phase. i think i’m slowly growing myself out from being that little midget who’s scared of everybody who intimidates her. because now if you don’t respect me, then i will not waste a bead of sweat to try and kiss you up and gain your respect. i’m tired of acting how everybody is expecting me to act. i’m tired of constantly saying sorry and i bet a lot of people are tired listening to me say sorry.

so you see? it’s not really an important post. but it’s an important stage of my life. i just feel like sharing this to you, blog 😀 i don’t want to make you feel left out after i have literally abandoned you for days. lol.

anywho, i’m going to sleep now. sleeeeppyyy!~ and i still have school tomorrow…

bonne nuit. 


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