finally!! a non-private post πŸ˜€

i actually have a lot of non-private posts to write… the same as how i want to read a lot but can’t due to exam week. 😦

i’m just going to write about how the first day went. πŸ˜€ first day: history and bahasa indonesia exams

it’s not that hard imo… but if you don’t read the textbooks AT ALL, you might find it a little difficult.

tomorrow’s the challenging part though… i’ll have physics and chemistry on the same day, and i would certainly need my inner strength to get me through the day. lol! xD especially in such subjects where you can’t just write what you want because everything has an exact answer ><

but i’m determined to keep an optimistic vibe around me throughout exam week. i’m going to be in #teamsunshine all the way πŸ˜‰ that hash tag i made by myself btw… it has a nice ring to it πŸ™‚ #teamsunshine ^^

i’m going to be the no-good optimistic and i refuse to condemn myself into a serious air such that i couldn’t breathe and thus think right. >< i hate it when my nerves get the better of me. i like to think that i used to be such a nerveball. i’m going to show my nerves who’s boss now.

oh, and of course, i had noodles today for lunch. the tradition, remember? i always eat noodle on the first day of the exam week πŸ˜€ but i’m still so freakin’ full rn, i’m thinking of skipping dinner T.T

so see ya guys in a bit!! i have piano lessons next ^^ ttys /xoxo


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