you tell me.

okay. so you tell me how to do it blog. you tell me.

you know that story where people regret not preparing their futures properly? how they played, have fun, (drink maybe? not for me anyway), and just do the things that makes them happy?

well i’m doing the exact opposite of that. i’m now even waking up early on Saturdays… on SATURDAYS to do my major business project and then i get to spend it shooting interviews for my history class. how’s that for a change, hmm? and then here i am, trying to rack up something decent enough in my brain to write a scholarship essay due next week. everything i do now, even in my weekends, is to prepare for my future. i do these abundance of project for my future. i do this scholarship essay for my future. and my writings can also be said as a preparation for my future.

and now i think i haven’t been living my present. i’ve been doing everything for the future that i simply forget that i’m in my teens. an age where i’m SUPPOSED to party and have fun and just be how most teens are. stupid and careless. and then i would be one of those grown ups 10 years from now saying that i regret not spending my teenage years as how it should be.

don’t even get me started on that homework and project list that i know you dread so much as well, blog. i’m actually thinking of ‘bragging’ the whole list to you now, but it’s not going to mean that my work is going to lessen anyway. so why show it? it would just make me stressed out even more.

so here i am. having finished my second dark chocolate, feeling frustrated. one thing’s for sure. i’m going to paint my nails yellow. you bet on that blog. i’m going to paint it yellow, wear them to school, and hopefully, things would look a lot more cheerful.


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