if only they knew.

hi dearest 🙂 here i am with my water bottle writing to you.

i felt better 😀 that’s always a good thing… and i’m writing because i don’t want you to think that i’m only talking to you when i have problems. i know how that feels like, and since you’re my friend, i don’t want you to think that i’ve abandoned you or anything. *hugs blog*

anyway, i think i have more time to blog now… i’m actually multitasking right now… doing this major business thing that would go towards 45% of my score while writing to you. idk… a lot of people have been saying that my time management skills sucks, but i keep on thinking that i couldn’t do everything all at once. i want to be able to write and express my feelings for a while, and not just do homework and the things that i’m supposed to do. i’m loving my internship experience, but because of that two weeks, the teachers are squeezing in the load of homework and assessments to before the internship and after the internship. the internship itself can be said as a very unprepared sort of whim in the situation. so because my teachers are so unorganized, i now have to suffer along with my friends in catching up with the two weeks worth of study that we’ve missed.

there’s a lot of things that i want to write to you about  blog. i want to write a review about Forrest Gump that i watched last week. i want to write how i’m really fond of the sweet tea smell every time i go to work on internship week… and i want to talk about Ray and Al, and how i want to write more about them. it feels like a constant cat and mouse chase. the works are always overlapping each other–some, like the business project, i could tolerate a little, just because Miss Herpreet told the old class before the internship. but some other teachers stay oblivious no matter how much we try to tell them that we are overloaded.

if only they knew.


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