excuse the exaggeration.

i don’t want you to think that i’ve abandoned you, dear blog. but i’m first going to tell you about a thing that has happened. just now, actually.

i don’t know how it is such a big deal. my mom shouted at me in the car. and i cried. just like that. well, not in front of her of course… i have too much ego (hate that word, but oh well) to cry in front of her. but still, once i exit the car and she drove off to buy food, i sat at the dining table, ate a banana and just cried.

it was a really ridiculous thing that we ‘fought’ about. mom’s having a small incision this Friday. and when my principle asked me why i couldn’t do some singing practice on that day, i told her that mom’s having an operation. i can swear it if you ask me here and now that i really forget the word incision. i forgot. i couldn’t possibly say: “you know ibu (a respect title for women), my mom is having the skin underneath her eye taken out. there’s this pus inside her eye, and she said that it hurts. so she’s going to get it removed, but the doctor said that she had to take this pill first so that the pus gathers at the center…” so i thought of anything that might include a scissor, and the act of ‘getting something out’ and operation is the only word that i could think of, and thus, i said.

and do you know that feeling that you get when someone yells at you? yelling at you if you’ve made a mistake is still tolerable, but when they yell at you and you’re still oblivious to what they are accusing you off, then you rebel. and when you rebel, and they shout at you again, then you keep quiet. apparently, my mom came to the principle’s office today to hand in the reports and she brought the topic back up again. and so, i’m now also known as the exaggerator to both my principle, and another teacher that i frankly don’t really like.

i’m going to be honest here and say that i’m hurt. i’m also going to be honest here and say that i do exaggerate stuff. but serious stuff like my mother’s eye, i wouldn’t. i don’t like to imply that she’s having an operation, since i have this mindset that apart from birth surgery, there’s a big possibility that a person would die in surgery and i DESPISE thinking that my mother could face certain death when she’s just doing an eye incision.

so i’m sorry mom. i’m sorry that i said ‘operation’ instead of ‘incision’.

but i have better things to think about. and i have a tough day as it is, so i’m not going to think about how i should’ve said incision instead of operation. one thing’s for sure. i will never talk to her about anything else. it’s better that she doesn’t know, rather than she knows and think that i’m over-blowing stuff again, which i’m not. i just don’t think i trust her enough anymore.

so judge all you want blog. do you think that i’m an exaggerator as well now?


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