“…and may the odds be ever in your favor.”


hi there blog! no… i’m not here to feed you on any updates of me but rather a review i’ve been dying to write for so long. mind you, it will be a very very very long post. you better be prepared for the vivid descriptions and long paragraphs that i always do when i write something that interests me. so here goes.

The Hunger Games

first book. first impression: the cover’s ugly. seriously… you might think that being a book aficionado i would never judge a book by its cover. but i’m human just the same, and i’n now (shamefully) admitting that i’ve been dragging on reading the first book because of the tasteless cover. i wonder if Suzanne Collins made it that way… so that people worthless of her story wouldn’t read the magnificence hidden within. lol. the book was very interesting right from the start. for me, it’s more of a mixture of gladiators and project runway. it’s about the gore, and it really does center on the blood and the games and the hunt, but at specific times in the book, it also comes with satins, face tattoos, skin dyes, lipsticks, fancy transforming dresses, fire headpieces and all that silk that made me squeal like the little girl i am. 😀 the book was said to be set in the future where the story started after a massive earth breakdown and how after the rebels lost against the capitol, the hunger games began. i found it intriguing how Suzanne Collins can set the time in the future but still have Gale and Katniss hunt every Sunday. the perfect blend of medieval times and modernity. i especially love that touch from her… she’s a very gifted writer and she has a heck of an imagination as well! before reading the book, i couldn’t have imagined a game where contestants would have to kill each other in order to win. but now, having read all three books, i partly believed that the game has been done for years. it was a fabulous start. and when i understand that the book was in fact, the first of a trilogy, i… went… mad. i begged Ivana (pretty girl) to lend me the other two books but she had her cousins borrowed them first. and so i went berserk. that was how the first book left an impression on me.

Catching Fire

Katniss. the girl who’s on fire. i think the second book was the best out of the three. and this is what’s so great about Suzanne Collins. right when you think the book couldn’t be any better, or that she couldn’t have written the series better than what she did in the Hunger Games, she proved me wrong. and that is what i like from an author. she exceeded my expectations, she out ruled my predictions. and THAT is what i want. the thing about the twilight saga (here it goes again) was that i became seriously disappointed with the second installment after i finish reading a rather perfect first book. (i’m sorry twihards… once again, no offense) but in this book, she proved me wrong. that a second book, can indeed, outrun it’s predecessor. of course, being a romance shipper, i love how the love story between Katniss, Gale and Peeta went into the spotlight. it was also a twist in the story how she ended up being in another Hunger Game. but it brought me mixed emotions. i remember crying as i just started reading the book, and i just cannot believe that Suzanne has decided to end Cinna’s life in her book. Cinna!!! i’ve grown so attached to his character that i had quite a hard time letting him go. it was wonderfully wrapped and i just couldn’t see it written any better. it’s close to perfection.


the title was the most catchy in my opinion. it’s a creature that she invented herself for the sake of this trilogy. a hybrid of a mockingbird, that does exist in real life, and a jabberjay which is 110% fantasy. i think it makes quite a ring to the title and i like how ‘mockingjay’ sounds. like how it can really be a name of a species of bird. a mockingjay… anyway, things get uglier in this book. i don’t especially like this book… because honestly, it leaves me, somehow, emotionally unstable. (you might think i’m exaggerating, but i really do feel like that after reading this book, of which i finished just mere minutes ago) there’s a more psychological turn in this book. something that i can’t quite explain. it’s like truth and lies are laced up in a very neat tight-knit patchwork that you cannot even tell which one is wrong from right. it’s the book where i realize, along with Katniss, that the games didn’t stop in the arena. that she was just a pion, well, something more valuable than that perhaps, played by a very intelligent hand across a piece of chessboard. that she was indeed just a piece of their games. i cried, i shouted, i was angry and sad at the same time. the book left me disheveled; i was seriously confused, no kidding. the events took a very sharp and quick turn that even as a reader, i couldn’t quite understand. i promised myself to sleep right after i write an account on this since i need to put my brain on the right track once again. (like how i always do after i read a very good and soul-immersing book) 😀


that’s my review of the three books. i just don’t know how i can be so caught up in this book. apart from the Harry Potter series, this Hunger Games trilogy set was the only other fantasy book that could bring me raging with the sense of independence as well as tearing me into worthless pieces as i cried at the death of a fictional friend. i mean, i’ve always have some sort of connection with the main characters, like i’m them while i’m reading the book. if you have yet to feel that kind of very immediate, very strong emotion, however temporary it is, than you surely have not used up your privilege of being human to the fullest potential. i think that being able to imagine and be creative is one of the things i find is a blessing to humankind. the reason why i can still tolerate decrepit creatures like myself.

and the thing about this story is that Suzanne didn’t make the characters commonly likable. well, except for Peeta perhaps. he mostly never thinks ill of anybody, except when he was infused with tracker jacker venom (again, another fictional animal depicting a ‘poisonous bee’ in real life) but other than that, he has never had any negative thoughts towards Katniss. he had loved her since the first time his father told him he planned on marrying her mother, but didn’t ever get the chance to. but Katniss… she’s selfish. anyone reading the book will know that. and Gale knows that too. which was why when he had this conversation with Peeta on the third book, where he was discussing on how Katniss would have to choose between the both of them, he answered that Katniss would pick someone who she couldn’t survive without. not someone that she could live without; there’s a difference between those two and Suzanne herself made it clear in her narrations. she made Katniss a strong character, that even though might not be remembered as the loved character of all times, provided a significance to the story; she also described the death of Prim so very artfully that if you don’t spare time to sit a while and think about the words, you’d miss it. she described fire, and saltwater and how she was a burnt Mockingjay floating on the sea, not being able to fly away again. i think those two elements in her book was her winning point.

but i have to stay strong on this and say that i don’t really agree with the Peeta-Katniss pairing. and maybe, it’s more to my taste than to Katniss’s, but i’d prefer Gale any day. any friend of mine who’s known me enough and has read the book would instantly know that. even though i understood the reason why Katniss picked Peeta perfectly, and that i think any girl would fall for anyone who has loved them unconditionally, i cannot help but think that Katniss was Gale’s initially, even if not officially. and it was always first come, first serve for me. xD so… yeah. i get how the dandelion thing, which symbolized Peeta, was supposed to redeem anyone of life and how it balanced Katniss and her fire– but Gale knew her better. and they would always argue about nonsensical stuff, that’s for sure. but they would always have and love each other as they had starting on the day they’ve both lost their father to the same mine accident. i missed reading about the hunting, the blueberry eating, the sarcastic lines and also the occasional swimming in the lake as well as collecting katniss roots for a decent supper. it’s just something comfortable, and definitely something that is much more real. but alas, i’m biased.

i’m searching for something to hang on to, some sign of the girl and boy who met by chance in the woods five years ago and became inseparable. i’m wondering what would have happened to them if the Hunger Games had not reaped the girl. if she would have fallen in love with the boy, married him even. and sometimes in the future, when the brothers and sisters had been raised up, escaped with him into the woods and left 12 behind forever. 

i also think that. i wonder how things might be different if Prim’s name wasn’t called in the reaping. but it all comes down to one game and how the slogan is always said with a witty, capitol accent.

… and may the odds, be ever in your favor. 


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