29/04/11 – a ticket to the royal wedding.

the royal wedding.

okay, so you might want to run away right now because you know that i’m OBSESSED with everything princess-y, and everything that has a happy ending.

so i watched the TV after weeks and weeks without it. really, Thank God that it’s a Friday, and that i come home at 2PM every Friday. i’ll be missing the royal wedding live on #cnntv if i am to go home at 4 PM. i swear i’ll ditch school for that. the television was literally on from 2.30PM until 9 PM where the remnants of celebration could still be seen lingering in the chilly British air from the television screen. i watched with my fellow princess sister, Cecil a.k.a. park sist. we have a LOT in common, and being a crazy princess fanatic is one of them. i really can go on and on and on about the royal wedding; you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into, you really should try to stop me, but i’m going to light myself up like a firework and still write a long post anyway xD

i don’t know where to start. the dress perhaps. made by Sarah Burton from the house of Alexander McQueen, it is one of the MOST GORGEOUS THING i’ve ever seen in my entire life. and i’ve seen a lot of beautiful things (or things that i deem to be beautiful) so that’s saying something. being in an era where tube wedding gowns are popular, i am simply in love with the lace trimmings that is so ornately done. if i’m going to have a wedding dress made for me, i wouldn’t want it to be sleeveless; that’s for sure. i’m an old soul girl, so i guess that’s expected 😀 i have a thing with laces and eyelets and (recently) chiffon ruffles. and to know that that dress has an element of all three of them made me swoon. and the reception dress is also very very very pretty. i just love it. i love both. they both possess a quality of understated elegance, and that’s probably what draws me into the dress so much. sure, it isn’t like Diana’s (which is also very gorgeous btw) but she’s showing that excellence can come from simplicity. the laces, the satin, the embroideries, the soft tulle, the ivory cream color, the smooth train, the numerous buttons, the renaissance feel of the dress…. love love love it!!

second, the vows and the two (surprising) kisses. let’s talk about the kisses first. so, they kissed twice, and it roused some excitement in between onlookers since there’s nothing like it in the history of royal weddings that a royal couple kissed twice on the balcony (correct me if i’m wrong) and you could just see that the kiss was more passionate than Lady Di’s and Prince Charles’s kiss after they get married. Prince William is quickly joining in the list of my lucky royal weds. he married someone that he choses; someone that he loves, along with Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth.

i think Lady Diana had a lot to do with this situation since she has successfully broken a gazillion rules in her lifetime. she made the traditional monarchy way of thinking into something much more contemporary, and i think that is why she was crowned a self made people princess. the monarchy has finally realized that it cannot force itself to stay in the past because time is rapidly growing more modern.

so a lot of people thought the kiss was cute, but i have to say that it is nothing… NOTHING compared to their eye contact when they were exchanging vows together. Prince William and Kate Middleton… well, the now His Royal Highness Duke of Cambridge and Her Royal Highness Duchess of Cambridge looks absolutely and positively in love with each other it’s tugging at my heartstrings. they look very sincere when they said their vows, they held hands, they spoke gently and meaningfully, and that was what made the whole show worth watching (along with the dress ofc 😉 )

it is simply amazing how the British monarchy can withstand the test of time and can still survive with its traditions. they can still go on with their enchanting centuries old traditions (which i absolutely love !!) and mix it with actions which are contemporary (Prince William greeting and shaking hands with the crowd a day before the marriage) and that i think made the monarchy long lasting. i just hope that Harry would eventually marry someone that he loves, and that the circumstances which are alike to Lady Diana’s would not be repeated again however inspiring it was.

both of the boys talked about wanting to be normal. how they are just ordinary people that is born to an extraordinary family. but as they are born privileged, they must fulfill some certain obligations–knowing that, i still feel sorry for them for not being able to escape the public eye as they are born into it. they are already exposed to cameras when they didn’t even know what those eye-blinding flashy things were.

so that’s that. i still have a lot to talk about, but i swear that if i’m going to talk about the whole thing, it’s going to take me a lifetime. i love everything. i love the romance, i love the dress, i love the festivity… the only thing that i would consider liking is probably the lifestyle. i don’t think i’m ready for a lifetime’s worth of paparazzi. the last thing that i’m going to say is this: Westminster Abbey is already down on my places-to-visit-before-i-die list.

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2 thoughts on “29/04/11 – a ticket to the royal wedding.

  1. I was working on a weekend course, and we arranged the timetable with time to watch the royal wedding.
    The TV time was optional, but almost everybody watched, including all the men.

    It was lovely to have London full of a happy crowd of people. Contrast that to the angry crowds we have seen on the news over recent months.

    Makes me proud to live here in England.
    Glad you’ve enjoyed it.

    1. i enjoyed it tremendously!!! thank you for having such a strong and long lasting monarchy xD
      even though it’s not always a happy ending that happens inside those Buckingham palace walls,
      the wedding was still a fairytale come true ^^

      the atmosphere looks so festive on TV, so naturally, it must be more extravagant in real life.
      i wish i was there… wanted to visit England so badly since forever, but haven’t had the time (and money) yet to visit.
      thanks for commenting 😀

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