it is hard. HARD i tell you… to constantly show up here and just write.

urgh. i’m so totally pissed! correct me if i’m wrong, but it IS the teacher’s responsibility to know how many assignments they give us and when they are assigning it. i guess they must be so capable of time management because i’m having 4 major assessments this week. i’ll have business assessment + listening and speaking assessment on Wednesday; i have math assessment on Thursday and an IELTS final practice on Friday.

i’m splitting heads, idk which one to prioritize or which one to let go. loyal readers who’ve been reading my blog would know that i can’t sacrifice either one of them. i’m too greedy for those A’s. T.T

there’s actually a lot to tell you about blog… about how my Easter went, a review about the Hunger Games, of how i think the late princess Diana is the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen (through television) in my entire life up to date, and how i just want to get out of this crappy hectic schedule and watch Forrest Gump. and when this week is finally over, i’ll have my career week looming so closely…

i. am. tired. nuff said.


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