simply sick.

my fingers felt like it’s falling off. i swear it. T.T

i didn’t know when it is exactly that i started to despise being sick. i think it started when i finally realize i couldn’t afford to skip school even when i’m sick. i used to looovee~ being sick. being sick when i was five means staying home, watching TV and bragging to my other friends who went to school how good it is to drink cherry flavored cold syrup. not anymore. none of that. it is all about force and body exertion when i’m sick now.. i really cannot afford to lose a day of school, knowing that i would be even busier once i recover.

well, this day was a crappy day in terms of my body wellness. i don’t think that this day could get worse for me… physically. my body aches all over, my throat is a little sore, i’m running a fever throughout school hours and i come back home only to sleep my wits off for an hour before doing this submarine projects with my friends and also finishing up this biology essay which is due tomorrow. i made it through today’s history test in which i’m forever grateful for though… Thank God that it is a logical quiz. if it turns out to be something that has to be memorized, i’m dead. like seriously.

so despite everything, i survived today. do you know that weird feeling that your body exudes when you’re not feeling well? it’s like your limbs and tendons go all stiff and brittle, i lose concentration easily due to this horrible headache that i’m feeling (and is still feeling now) and even typing hurts. can you believe that?! i did some rather painful finger stretching and now they’re feeling a bit better, but my fingers haven’t ached for a long time!

i feel a little sorry though… even though it’s obvious that i’m tired, i shouldn’t have just neglected that fact. i should’ve tried to at least keep my sufferings to myself and not grouch about all of the things that could happen to anybody and not just me. i feel sorry for not even trying to mask how exhausted and how frustrated i am… i’m sorry to my friends and teachers who should put up with me and my bad attitude. *bows down* i shall try harder next time to not burden you guys 😀

until then… i should rest and prepare myself to fight since two assessments are due tomorrow and i still have to do this critic article thing for Bahasa. i better ‘hone’ my body and prepare it for the worst 😉 see you sweet peas… i love you.


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