uncle’s wedding + the work.

hey bb~ so, my pale purple nail polish is drying up as i’m writing now (of which i completely love <3), and i’m thankful that i’m also done with my articles for O! zomg. it’s just been a week. A WEEK! and yet again, assessments are waiting for me at the end of the road.

i’ve readied myself to be really busy at the last week of April. and then i need to zone myself to this internship phase where i’m going to have to work at a completely unfamiliar company for two weeks before finally resting for two weeks, and then again, go to Penang, Malaysia, for this student conference. not to mention, i still have to finish this KAPLAN essay and i still need to perfect my research on that, so i’ll probably be doing that when i come back–like straightaway. i’m literally swamped. so i took a leave out of the forum and wrote in the hiatus thread so that they do not think that i’m going AWOL on them.

and i shall be missing for the next 3 days sweethearts. remember that post where i told you guys that i’m going to have to go to Surabaya for Christmas because i’m going to meet my aunt-to-be? well, that aunt-to-be will no longer be an aunt-to-be as she will officially be my aunt this Sunday when they’re done with the wedding ceremony. so i’ll be going to Surabaya again tomorrow to attend my uncle’s wedding. i’ll be leaving at 7 AM from here, and my flight is about 11, i guess… if i’m not mistaken, really… the thing to look out for in Surabaya is the food !! i guess when you go traveling elsewhere, the first thing you should take into account is the local foods there! i’m such a foody xD

anyways, i should probably be going by now. i should be waking up at 5 tomorrow, and judging by the fact that i’m still here writing to you guys means that i only have 6 hours of sleep. and that is not good. so i shall sleep, and i shall be missing you blog, for the three days to come.

p.s. i’m not promising any pictures. imageshack has definitely abandoned me and i still haven’t figured out how to insert a picture straight from my document. *isatechdumb–sorry*


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