movie-to-watch list #1

Sucker Punch

i want to watch this movie sooo badly!!~ i hope Emily Browning, Jamie Chung, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, and Jena Malone kicks ass in this movie xD i love the fact that it is a movie about the mind, and how the brain could influence reality–the law of attraction, perhaps? the movie also looked very action packed, so i’m definitely looking forward to that. i think there’s only a few movies where girls do the real actions and real stunts. i’m happy to say that those ‘girly’ kicks are not to be underestimated. really looking forward to this one!


as the title has suggested, this movie is definitely the retelling of ‘Beauty and The Beast’ with a more modern twist. i’m hoping that it wouldn’t be as bland as ‘A Kiss in Time’ which retells the story of ‘Sleeping Beauty’. i (naturally) expect a lot from this movie.  being a big time worshiper of happy endings, i expect this movie to be excellent as it’s going to retell one of fairytale’s finest. i just hope that it wouldn’t bring a major disappointment on me. although… i have to say that the witch in this movie (portrayed my Mary-Kate Olsen) is not one of the most creative witch ever. if i were her, and i’m supposed to change someone into a monster, i would make them the most horrendous, annoying, disgusting, smelly squirrel anyone has ever met. true, he might not be a ‘beast’ but honestly, i prefer that guy when he was a ‘beast’ instead of when he was ‘prince charming’… i mean, come on! like who wouldn’t fall for an emo rockstar with a bad guy image who has tattoos all over his face? he’s not even half grotesque to how i picture a ‘beast’ to be.

Red Riding Hood

First impression: very twilight; the scenes, the settings, the music… the only thing that might differentiate this movie from twilight is the time where it takes place. Red Riding Hood takes in a much more old setting. probably medieval times? maybe not that old, but it’s definitely the time where witches still exist as well as the legend of werewolves and vampires still circulating amongst villagers. again, a retelling of the story ‘The Little Red Riding Hood’ …although, the trailer has made it clear that there’s nothing ‘little’ about it. it looks very mature, very grown up, and it frankly looks a little scary. i watched this trailer for the first time, last night, alone and i immediately got goosebumps. idk… it might just be me being a scarredy cat but really, that trailer gave me the creeps. anyways, Amanda Seyfried is starring in this movie, and she’s one of my favorite actress so, i might as well go and watch for the sake of it 😀

so that’s that. i just hope that i could be done with all this work and start watching already… *sigh* *goes back to work*



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