a peek of Spring break’s end.

i might have mentioned this to you earlier. or haven’t i? well, in the case that i haven’t mentioned it, i’m actually having a one week break. i think it’s some sort of a spring break or something. and now… it’s coming to an end. *headdesk*

really, this one week break didn’t feel like a holiday. AT ALL. but despite it being so short imo, i still appreciate it. any holiday i can get, i’ll take it! after all the shezams school pull out for us, i’m in dire need of a break. it might not sate my need of just relaxing and doing absolutely nothing, but at least it will do to reduce all the stress.

it’s just that… in the midst of what was supposed to be a stress free one week break, i was haunted by the thoughts of the upcoming history test, my computing assessment unit consolidation as well as Mr. Roy’s presentation. and then i wonder if teachers wanted us to keep studying during holidays. -_- God! the only thing self centered that i did this holiday was only learn to drive a car! and probably get some rest, but that’s it! not my story, not my articles for oneTVXQ!, and not even learning to draw my eyebrows! nothing.. nada~ i get nothing this holiday.

i’m also in the brink of thinking that i might have to fall in love again and to be able to write my story. such sacrifice…

but i’m staying strong. i PROMISED myself that i would finish my story by May and that i SHALL. hmph. i’m not taking no for an answer. so i’m off to doing this unit consolidation thing that is positively bugging me and probably snooze for now. might go to the gym tomorrow, but meh~ :/ have loads to do.

anyways, that’s about it blog hearts. i love you.

picture: http://heidifromnowhere.tumblr.com/post/4442007347/by-margaret-durow


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