the Dufan madness… (as Nay called it)

hey fellas!! i haven’t been blogging for a while now, and i’m sorry for that…  T.T i’m actually having a week of holiday, but i swear, it doesn’t feel like holiday at all. i have to catch up with my things and some home works… not to mention Al’s and Ray’s story that has been in hiatus for a very long time. 😦 i wonder if i’ll ever be able to finish that story after all.

anyways. i went to Dufan last Monday. Dufan is this huge theme park… the only theme park we have in Indonesia, i think.

and omg did i enjoy that day. i haven’t had much fun since… well, since whenever it is that i had fun. it was always school, school, school, and work, work, work. and doing this project, doing that home work, going to this lesson, tests, and the whole shenanigan. and considering that this is the ultimate first time that i went to Dufan (lame, i know… my friends kept saying that) so i was uber excited!

i went on the Kora-Kora 3 times… and i always go for the back seat. idk why my friends rush for the middle seats when it is so not fun. fyi, Kora-Kora is like this boat thing that swings from side to side. when it gets steep it does look scary, but that’s the thrill of it, you know? i NEED the adrenaline rush. i CRAVE for it.

and then i went on what was called Hysteria. it’s like you sit on this circular machine with your seat belt on (ofc) and then it would suddenly (with high speed) bring you up, and you can feel you whole body opposing gravity for a  while there. quite thrilling, but not very in my opinion. the good thing about this ride is that you get a very very very clear view of the ocean and the beaches which i think is super pretty.

the next ride that i took however was the Tornado. and THAT is what i call the ride of all rides. oh my shiznits! it was super exhilarating! just as its name has proposes, you get your whole body turned over tens of time and  i swear that  if i could ride it a second time, i’d love to… but since we have limited time, and really, my friends are rather reluctant to ride it again, i refrain from riding it a second time. a tip for those of you who wanted to ride the Tornado: Don’t ever ever eat beforehand. you don’t want to have spaghetti all over your front after riding it.

we rode a couple of other rides such as the Ontang-Anting (it’s similar to a swing and i rather regret riding it since i get a little dizzy when i get off the ride -_- ), Piring Oleng and also Niagara-gara. i was lucky to not get wet while playing Niagara-gara since i forgot to bring some undergarments with me to Dufan. really, do remember to bring some if you want to enjoy yourself to the fullest in Dufan.

at the end of the day, we were very hungry; we smell of sweat and sun; our skin are all sticky; and my friends and i were 12 very ravenous teens. so we went to this seafood restaurant called ‘Bandar Djakarta’ and we ate. nevertheless, we still stop by Burger King to buy ourselves some extra burgers. i bought this very expensive ice cream (costs me a fortune) but oh well… it was good. that was what matters at that time.

i really felt like a teen. like this rebellious teen who only wants to party her butt off. really, even though it sounds pathetic, i always feel like this 23 year old girl who always had work to do; who always had to fulfill her obligations; who always worries about how much weight she’s putting on or how much money she’s spending…. but last Monday, i ate this big heavenly (expensive) chocolate coated blueberry ice cream at friggin’ 9 PM and i’m okay with that. haven’t worked out AT ALL this holiday and although i feel rather guilty, i’m not going to let that guilt control me. i shall go to the gym when i feel like it, but if not, then i shall just eat and enjoy my holiday…i’m trying to fulfill my promise of loving myself more 😀

so there it is. an update… after such a long time of not updating, i’m giving you guys an update. *cheer!*i have Mandarin in 10 minutes, and fyi, i’m actually blogging at the school’s administration office. so much for being in this school for so long… i have connections everywhere now. xD until then bloghearts. i love you.


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