did this on twitter. but stopped halfway since… idk. don’t feel like doing it on there anymore. the thing about twitter is that people who follows you might be able to see them xD my blog isn’t that popular… so it might be safer here. anyways, let’s get started.

1. i… love chocolates. the darker the better.

2. i love painting my nails.

3. i love old everything. old clothes, old shoes, old books… old snacks (?) rofl .

4. i swear i was born on the wrong era.

5. my imagination might be one of my closest best friends.

6. i adore books. i think it is one proof that somethings do last forever.

7. up until now, i’ve always wanted to know how it feels like to sleep inside the washing machine.

8. Walt Disney might be one of the greatest man alive!

9. a full time Cassiopeia. i love TVXQ5.

10. a sweet tooth.

11. a nerve-ball… insecure (most of the times nowadays)

12. i always feel that being myself isn’t good enough.

13. i love skirts! i think it is a privilege for us girls to be able to wear them.

14. i love the sound of my keyboard when i’m typing fast. (as of now)

15. i want to have a time machine where i can go back to the days when i think i’m cool, and where i can go forward and know what is going to happen to me in the future.

16. i want to own a publishing company. or a bookstore. or a coffee shop. or be a writer. anything that goes in line with books or coffee would work 😉

17. i LOOVVEE coffee. say yes to the most popular drug in the whole world. (not sure if i should be happy with this or not)

18. i love my friends and family.

19. i rather my friends and family do not expect too much of me.. not because they don’t believe in me, it’s just that i would hate myself if i disappoint them and not fulfill their expectations of me.

20. i’ve always wanted a twin. someone who can understand me when i couldn’t even understand myself.

21. i created an alter ego. her name is ‘Viv’ and she’s a lot cooler and braver and prettier than i am. xD

22. i like to think myself as conservative when i know that i’m just plain stingy :p

23. i want to have my own camera. i want to be able to experience the world through a lens.

24. i always have this mindset that a good book smells good.

25. loves Christmas!!

26. did a pinky promise with my friends that when i (finally) graduate high school, i would dye my hair purple.

27. << my birth date. note that down people!! 27/07/94

28. i can’t get mad for long. tried it, and failed horribly. i forgive easily… but i never forget.

29. i get stressed so easily, up to the point where it is ridiculous. *breathes in and out*

30. i want to have a pet puppy and name him macaroni.

31. my ultimate bias: Kim Jaejoong.

32. my favorite shape has always been the star since i was small. never like the heart.

33. might sound weird, but twitter and facebook sometimes makes me stressed. for reasons unexplainable.

34. gets touched really easily.

35. i’m not bragging or anything, but i’m big on empathizing. i get sad when people are sad.

36. i love the rain. rain is when all of the reading-books-drinking-coffee-playing-piano-writing-poetries-sleeping-tight thing is going on for me. 😀

37. i love how the piano sounds.

38. a language afficionado.

39. music enthusiast. i listen to all songs now… but i used to only listen to rock or indie songs.

40. i’m not just saying this. i really don’t know how i could survive without my parents and sisters.

41. my all time favorite Disney princesses are Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and Mulan.

42. i try to ‘keep it classy’ like my mom said i should… but kept on failing.

43. very opinionated.

44. can sometimes be disgusted with myself. am trying to work on this. >.<

45. have never read mangas or manhwas before. don’thavetimedarnit!!!!!

46. i can’t really get tired easily with a particular something or someone.

47. favorite book is Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

48. i don’t like pulpy orange juice. or any kinds of pulpy juice whatsoever. it’s juice! i’t’s not supposed to have pulp in it!

49. i love blood red lipsticks.

50. i have this weird comfortable feeling every time i see my collection of Peter Rabbit movies. (50! hallelujah)

51. want want want to paint murals on my bedroom.

52. i love fairy lights. or is it Christmas lights?

53. a Catholic since birth.

54. i’m scared of the unknown and the anonymous.

55. i’m actually grateful with the fact that, except for my scalp (where my hair grows) my body doesn’t generate a lot of hair 😀

56. i sometimes think that life is a constant chase of something. i don’t know what that ‘something’ is.

57. despite that (no. 56) i think life is beautiful, and i’m grateful in having the chance to go at it.

58. i have this father thing that i can’t quite explain. bottom line, i’m so happy that i will forever be his little girl, and that he’ll forever be my daddy.

59. one of my most favorite movie would be Memoirs of a Geisha

60. i love heels! but i really don’t know where i could wear them.

61. i can do finger gymnastics. lol. made up that word.. but i could bend my left point finger backwards until the nail touches the back of my hand.

62. am a perfectionist (in some areas)

63. i like to sing and dance when i’m alone. i simply hate it when i’m in public.

64. my favorite color is red.

65. the oldest child, and thus i feel obligated to protect my younger sisters.

66. not photogenic. do you know how hard it is to be a teenager and not be photogenic?? T.T

67. an absolute bookworm. no doubt on that.

68. i promise myself to travel the world before i die.

69. people who hates traveling is beyond me. i never understand them.

70. i think violins are beautiful… but i can’t play them. sadly.

71. i’ve always think that being myself is being the best that i can be. but those words are easier said than done. i hate how i never get to have confidence in myself.

72. in the process of making peace with my body and myself.

73. i love adrenaline rushes, which is why i love theme parks and wants to go bungee jumping someday.

74. i wonder how it feels like to travel with only a small amount of money in my pocket and to write poetries while i’m at it and selling them to have enough money to eat on the journey. *sigh* i’m dreaming.

75. a huge multi-tasker. which is why i never seem to be able to get things done on time.

76. i hate anyone who’s too cool for cheesiness. be fair! the world is already a horrible place as it is… we need more cheesy and cliches.

77. i hate double standards.

78. i want to be a successful author someday.

79. i hope i can go study in Japan with a scholarship for university.

80. i like short nails better than long nails. they seem… cleaner.

81. used to be a strong hater of the color purple. but i gradually learn to like it as i grow older.

82. i like perfumes more than body splashes.

83. i want to die knowing that i have at least changed a person’s life.

84. i want to be someone useful for the community.

85. love love love muesli bars.

86. wanted to be a vegetarian (for the good cause) but can’t seem to be able to live without meat.

87. OneTVXQ might be one of the coolest place i’ve ever been to on the internet. i love my friends that i have never met before.

88. i really think that daisies are the friendliest flowers.

89. i love dessert, i can just skip the main course.

90. i want to participate in Berlin’s next love parade. (if they’re ever going to do the love parade again T.T)

91. i love festivals and the hot dogs in those festivals.

92. i hate the taste of beers.

93. i’m allergic to cigarette smoke.

94.  i have big dreams. i just hope that i’m given the chance to actually realize them one by one.

95. when i finally work, i want to buy my mother her ultimate dream bag with the money that i’ve earned.

96. i prefer chocolates to candies.

97. i love my characters as if they’re my own children.

98. laces, eyelets, florals, cream, ruffles… just some of the random things that i love.

99. i feel really blessed in everything that i already have. i really do.

100. can’t believe that i’m actually done! yeay!!! *throws confetti*

so there it is. idk why i’m doing this as i now feel that i’ve wasted a good 30 minutes of my time doing this nonsense. i don’t really like to be the center of attention, as i feel disgusted in myself if i do. >.< *smacks brain* but there you go.


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