“Congratulations! Fear is not a Factor for you”

okay, so i doubt that i would be writing such a long review on a birthday party, but coming home from Park sist’s birthday party (more like, Park sist’s wedding reception), i found that i went home with a lot of memorable… souvenirs. let’s just simply say it like that. so i’m blogging now, at 12.11 AM so that the memory is still fresh in my mind.

i came to park sist’s house at around 1.30 PM. she had her face caked with make up already, and so i went to her room to do my own make up (i refuse to get the make up artist to do it for me) anyways, i prepared and she prepared and then we have to go to this photo studio where we would take pictures and you know, create memories… lol… Park sist is very pretty… i tell you that. but i was a little bit flustered by the fact that she wore such a simple dress to the shoot–and she told me a secret 😀 so i knew before anyone else that she would change twice and she did! her second dress was like this wedding gown with tinges of pink to it. i have to say that the only day where i get to wear a dress that… fluffy would be on my wedding day; but her dress is preeeeeetty!!!!~ like a Cinderella dress >.< i envy you park sist ❤

anyway, the games have been interesting. either it be eating noodles with a straw or having to sit on my ex’s lap to pop a balloon… >.< i did both, and even though i might seem annoyed and everything when i essentially HAVE to do it, it was all good fun. jsyk, i’m NOT mad at you park sist!! you’ll always be my *beloved* (*: scratch that) sister 😀

and then… the drama didn’t stop there. i was crowned queen of the party. it’s like prom where you crown the queen and king prom but now i get to be queen of park sist’s party. apparently, she felt bad for me (or that i thought she was) but i was okay. seriously. when i had to do that ‘stunt’ with my ex, i was like: “i’m already embarrassed as it is, so let’s win this friggin’ competition) and i won 😉 and when i did, i feel like Joe Rogan from Fear Factor saying: “Congratulations! fear is not a factor for you” xD weird. but yeah~ i was crowned queen, got to walk around the movie once with the king and so i went home with 2 gifts, which i found out later on to be Korean candies and a Parker’s kids pen, and also a plastic tiara in which i will cherish my whole life. plastic but precious.

so that’s about it really… it really is park sist’s birthday party, but it feels like i’m also a birthday girl here T.T just proves to show that i would do most anything for you park sist 😀 i love you that much. (i’ll only say this once. so grab it before it goes away… )

i’ve scrubbed my make up clean and washed my hair… now all i’ve got to do is sleep and rest this body for another party tomorrow, 1st birthday this time, in Jakarta. so, goodnight bloghearts!

p.s. pictures will come tomorrow if the internet is super quick in uploading it. too tired to do it now



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