ivana #friendshipseries-1

*sigh* mon chers iv… what can i possibly say? she’s one of the most mature person that i’ve ever met in my entire life. and being mature as she is, she’s very ladylike. i just don’t understand how she can act so calm and collected all the time! she eats like a lady, sits like a lady (unlike me), walks confidently like a lady, dresses like a lady, bottom-line, she’s just very very very ladylike. someone fitting to be a princess.

i can say that she is sort of an ambition reflection of myself xD i applaud her for being brave in taking her steps… i knew that she had a very different thought in mind when she entered SBR and to have her hopes crushed wasn’t an easy thing to see. she’s willing to strive for every scholarships or every educational opportunity that came in her way, and i admire her for that. it really is sad to see her cry over school problems and in some cases, we are guilty of blaming our ambitious attitude for such heartbreaking experiences.

expectation is the root to all heartache. i guess we are the people who can relate most to this phrase in class.

 brains, beauty, behavior… as i say, a perfect half-sister.

dear belle fille

excuse my love and obsession of period paintings, clothes, movies and everythings… but do you know who that woman is in the picture above? that’s a watercolor painting of Alexandra of Altenburg, the Grand Duchess of Russia from the year 1830 to 1911. it is only nowadays that women wants to be skinny. it would be a lie if any girl say that they wanted to gain a little more weight just because they want to be ideal (except for someone who may already be admitted to the hospital for eating disorders… which really is not a laughing matter ><) but a big body was a sign of wealth and prosperity. being fat means having more money to buy food, to buy more fabric to buy bigger clothes and to hire other people to wash those big clothes. 😉 it is only now that skinny actresses are chosen to play those characters because they are more ‘idyllic’. and even though you might not know it now, i hope someday you realize just how special you are. you are regal. maybe not of blue blood, but your manners speak that of a royal lady. i look up to you. you’re my role model, and even though i may be a hypocrite for saying these things and also wanting to lose weight, i’m also still struggling to love myself for who i really am. people do these things, you know? it’s natural for the grass to be greener on somebody else’s lawn… but i wish you would see just how many people loves you for just being you. so f*ck anyone who thinks otherwise. they don’t know what it takes to be a royalty. 

forever your ambitious friend,