let’s grow old together~

i don’t know why, but pictures like this in particular can guarantee a smile on my face. a very big one. i’ve thought about it for a long time, since yesterday to be exact, and i think the reason why i love this picture so much is because it somehow radiates the promise of being together forever. if forever does exist mind you.

so this is what i’m going to do. i’m going to write a letter. a blog post really, dedicated to a future boyfriend or a future ‘life partner’. a stranger that i may not know now, but will soon fall in love with. (i hope) and it doesn’t matter that i’m still (about to turn) 17, or that i’ll probably get married in a range of 5-10 years from now… so here goes.

dear … you,

i may look like a complete lunatic, writing a post for someone that i’m not acquainted with yet… but i just want you to know that i’m waiting. it doesn’t matter that you’re not the smartest in your class; it doesn’t matter if we have an age difference of 8 years ( so long that you’re older than me :p) ; it doesn’t matter if you’re not good at sports or if you’re a dummy in music; you don’t have to be able to play the guitar because you can always see me play the piano for you (lol, cheesy). i don’t really expect you to come and ‘rescue’ me on your white horse as well… you can appear in your baggy jeans and sweatshirt for all i care. what matters is that you’re there, and that you can guarantee you’ll always be there for me. i hope you understand that your presence is what counts.

you don’t have to be cheerful all the time–because i can easily do that job for the both of us. you can act all cold and clammy even when you secretly care. and forgive me if i’m such a romantic, but believe me, you’ll not need to shower me with flowers every single day. let’s build a relationship that we both can comfortably live in, and i actually like the thought of building a life right from ground zero with you. i don’t mind living modestly. and let’s understand each other’s philosophy, even when we might not agree with each other every time. and i hope that you’ll respect me, give me room to grow and also encourage me of my dreams as i know i’ll do the same for you… i’ll expect the best that we both can give, but i’ll still love you even when i fall short of my expectations; i hope you’ll do the same thing too.

but most of all, understand that i’m imperfect and that i’m a subject to all human frailties. i lie, i scream, i cry… but i swear i’ll never cheat on you. i might not be the prettiest girl in this whole wide world and i’m hell-a insecure most of the time. but i hope you’ll learn to love me despite my flaws and accept me for who i really am. let’s lie awake and share our innermost secrets, whispering to each other as we swear our love and honor our commitments. and know that even though rules are made to be broken, promises are not… it would really pain me if you were to break your promise. i like a guy who is true to his words… i’ll also need you to trust me because i’m giving you my fragile heart as hostage, and really, there’s nothing you should worry about… in turn, i hope you’ll forever more, treat me like a priority, and not an option.

let’s plan a future that we both could play a part in, and through this i hope we can always be reminded on how completely we have learned to love.

let’s grow old together.


♥ another stranger

picture: http://tiffanyfz.tumblr.com/post/3876708787/twistedtheory-strawberrytelle-lets-grow


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