the Sunday glooms

hell-o bloghearts. *grumps*

okay. so i’ve waited THE WHOLE WEEK for Friday to come and now that weekend is (once again) leaving, i’m getting furious. that video there is what entertained me on a particularly gloomy Sunday night 😀 Counting Crows–Accidentally in love. the last time i watched it was 6 years ago. 6 YEARS AGO and it’s STILL hilarious. HAHA. i just cannot get over the fact that the girl chose the rabbit in the end- and how the guy makes pancakes in a very disastrous way when the end result looks picture perfect.

anyway, i’m not going to waste time now since i’m going to blog about a friend– the initial start of my friendship series. so, just an extra info: i have 16 friends in my class as of now… so i should have 16 different friend posts by the end of this series 😀 looking forward to it~

oh, and bad news: i think i’m going to catch a cold. *sigh* i hope i can recover before actually being sick. really… being sick would be he*l at a time like this.

aand~ i’ll see you in my next post. *jumps out*


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