park sist #friendshipseries

i hate her. she screams too loudly, has perfect hair, she’s always bullying me, she’s very clumsy and very annoying.

nah~ just kidding!! i love her. she might scream too loudly, she really has perfect hair, and i have this feeling that she’ll always bully me no matter what… very clumsy, very annoying, and poor laptop had to cope with her sudden discharge of electricity !! T.T my laptop battery is old and useless– it cannot function well without the electricity, and why oh why should she sit dangerously close to the power supply >< but i love her because she’s her. i wouldn’t have it any other way.

so her name’s Cecil, but i call her Park sist. she came to my school (yes, my school first!! xD such immaturity…) on the start of high school. everyone said we look alike, except well, us, and it sort of brought us speeding on the highway of friendship 😀 we called each other park sist because we both are fans of this korean girlband named 2NE1. i’m in love with Sandara Park while she’s in love with Park Bom (fyi, they’re both group band personnels.) and so we became the park sist 🙂

it’s very funny how she’s like the opposite of me. i try to be calm and collected when she’s always falling here, falling there; scrapping a knee, cutting her skirt accidentally… and i swear, when she calls your name, you could hear her from a mile away. she’s THAT loud. despite her clumsiness, she really wanted to build a surgical hospital from ground zero and wanted to be a cardiac surgeon. idk about you, but if it were me having this heart attack, i might die on the spot knowing that she’s going to operate me. because she can be like: *cutting the wrong artery* “oopsie~ it was an accident!” >.<

but we are both HEAVY romantics. we both might be the biggest fans of historical romance, and she appreciates good movies and books as much as i do. seriously, when it comes to taste, she’s the only person that i can confide in. we’re both big dreamers, we aim at happiness and we both have this strong belief that one day, we will be able to achieve our dreams and be happy. she might not know it until now, but i also have this wish to get married at France like she does, and we both dream of traveling the world someday… and even though her clumsy attitude might get people to think that she’s insensitive and childish, she is surprisingly one of the most mature person i’ve ever known in my entire life. she is strong in her opinions, she’s not afraid to be different, and she’s got this sensitivity about things in general that is indescribable. she definitely is someone i can relate to.

dear park sist…

know that i’ll always envy your hair, how you’re so able at making beautiful art, and how you can easily waste your resources, making me wonder if you really think that money grows on trees. i love that you’re carefree and easy going… and how you never tried to be anybody else but you. i hope that someday we both will have our dreams come true~ and by then, we can always fly with our private jets and meet up in Paris to have a cup of coffee or two 😉

forever your sister,



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