it’s nice to be back :)


i can finally blog again. it’s really nice to be back, ya know?…

anyway, after this long and hectic week, i can finally say that i’ve survived through all of that trash and write again. *sigh* such a relieve.

i really do not know how people live through only 2-3 hours of sleep. i mean, they could, but i couldn’t. i’m such a baby at these kinds of things and babies need their 9-10 hours of sleep. this is why you never let a baby sleep for only approx 4-5 hours for 7 days straight.

well, here’s what i did this… last (?) week. i had my biology project due, as well as an essay on the extinction of dodo bird and a test last Friday. and then i had to submit this Bahasa language report on how some specific language evolves/ develop in the community. that’s just some of the things that i did this week. listing them off makes me tired, so i won’t bother. oh~ and i did this business rap ^^ i remember mentioning about it in my earlier posts, and yeah, it was a success. i was pretty happy with it considering that i’ve never rapped before xD here’s a picture of the whole class after we rapped!! 😀 i’m the one in the fluorescent pink jacket with my hair in a side pony tail. it’s impossible to miss me, really… i blind peoples’ eyes out. in some photos, my friends glowed like this weird pink sheen whenever they stand too close to me. lol. that’s one hella amazing pink jacket. (p.s. those super awesome BEATS headphone is not mine. i want one though… they’re super cool!! B) )

so now, i’ll need to progress further with some forum work now that real life isn’t that stressing. i would have to hustle though as i know that work will somehow find its way to stack up again >< it feels like a never ending chase.

&& i’m going to start this friendship series in my blog. i just feel like it… most of my friends are starting that series as well where they dedicate just one post of their blog to talk about someone in class. sounds fun~ so i’m going to try it out and see how it works out.

well, until then. i still need to catch on some snores as i still feel sleep deprived after having 3 hour naps since yesterday. i swear i’m sleeping enough these two days but i’m still feeling sooo sleepy~ this is probably because i’m having my lights turned off as it is earth day. so, adios bloghearts. i’ll see you soon enough.



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