i can’t take it any longer. i have to blog and take a break.

work has been so harsh lately. i ate a fried, fatty dinner yesterday feeling so messed up. ditched working out and directly took a bath and slept at 7 PM. i felt like a bear hibernating, and that’s a rarity, i can tell you that. i felt so dead like a flying fish that i just had to sleep. i had to. it felt like i have no other choice other than sleeping. then, i woke up at 4 AM this morning, finally being alive enough to actually do my physics homework and read a little about biology. and i wonder why i’d chose the science stream. >< the little sip of coffee this morning didn’t help either. i’m so used to strong coffees, my mother’s choice of milk coffee is no longer able to satisfy my caffeine needs.

as of just now i’m reading further about this ‘dodo bird’ project. and i’m going to do this business rap later this day. T.T but what’s good about today is that it’s Wednesday, and i can always feel save at Wednesday’s. i can feel a little relieved that yesterday’s physics test was over and good; the history and breast cancer project just needed to be submitted, and then i’m done. for the week. seriously, i feel like running every week. when i feel that i can finally rest next week, i end up being very busy and the whole thing keeps repeating again and again. yesterday was the first time in so long that i feel this very strong headache the first thing .. school was no longer fun but very stressing. i wouldn’t say that i miss junior high school since well, i didn’t really enjoyed those years either– but i miss my friends.

oh God, i’m ranting. that’s the end of my rants… for now. i’ve not been blogging for a long time and now i’m giving you guys a random rant post. my apologies, but bear with me bloghearts~ my brain needs a therapy.


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